The role-playing system

Your world-view (archetype):
You start by selecting one of the archetypes below. This choice will represent your general outlook on life but does not decide if your character believes in getting along with others, performing good deeds over evil, etc.
It does however, give you adventages in certain abilities over others. Your archetype is also a limiting factor in how well you're able to learn a given skill.

The Madman
The Gods grant him special powers because of his "close connection" and total devotion to his spiritual self. The madman lives wholly disconnected from society and normal existence.
The Builder
Soft-soken and reclusive, the builder is a human computer. Having completely lost his spiritual self he survives by his mental skill alone.
The Leader
The leader's inflated ego lets him get through where others can't. He's able to co-ordinate the efforts of others to achieve seemingly impossible feats.
The Artist
Ever a critic of conformity, the artist finds beaty in all her surroundings. Often it is only by understanding the world through her eyes that solutions to problems can be found.
The Opportunist
A most cunning deal-maker even in issues beyond the monitary, the opportunist can turn an adverse situation to his gain. He possesses invaluable insight into human psychology.
The Anarchist
Fueled by anguish, the anarchist believes in taking individual action to change the status quo. Perhaps not the best planner, her quick and base reactions can prove life-saving.
The Saint
Champion of the weak and defender of the innocent, the saint lives her life in order to help mankind.

Your primary ability statistics (stats):
These are the general statistics which further mutate your character from the archetype. How well you can perform a certain task is derived from this number and the skill. You can improve these values in the course of your travels as well as reduce them. (For example, sitting in prison for a week will reduce your fitness and sanity scores.)

Physical attributes:
  • Fitness - Your general endurance and strength level.
  • Accuracy - How coordinated you are.
  • Speed - How you "show your quickness"
Mental attributes:
  • Education - A combination of both learned and observed facts.
  • Wit - Street-smarts; quick thinking
  • Sanity - All your marbles...
Spiritual attributes:
  • Faith - Your belief in the super-normal.
  • Serenity - Concentration and ability to remain calm.
Social attributes:
  • Leadership - How well others listen to you.
  • Diplomacy - How well you make others do your bidding.
Emotional attributes:
  • Passion - Are you quick to anger?, etc.
  • Compassion - Your ability to help others.

The skills:
These are the skills you can perform in the game. Depending on your stats and archetype you may learn some of them completely while some others not at all. (Someone needs to add descriptions to this.)

  • Hand-to-hand combat/wrestling
  • Knife
  • Sword
  • Club/Mace/Hammer
  • Axe
  • Lance/Polearm
  • Archery
  • Unarmed defense/self defense
  • Leather
  • Chain
  • Plate
  • Etheral magic
  • Spiritual magic
  • Emotive magic
  • Psychic magic
  • Infernal magic
  • Ancient magic
Lore skills
  • Storyteller
  • Song/Bard skills
  • Research Item
  • Research Creature
  • Research Song
  • Research Magic
  • Toungues
  • Steal/Pick pocket
  • Find hidden (doors, walls, etc.)
  • Observe
  • Assassinate
  • Healer
Outdoor skills
  • Hunting
  • Tracking/Navigating
  • Plants
Misc. skills
  • Tinkerer/fix items
  • Trader
  • Cook