People behind woodward

Gabor Torok - I started Woodward in Jan. 2001. I'm currently between jobs (one's ending and the next is starting in a couple of weeks) so I'll put more contact info here when I know for sure where I will be and what I'm doing. Currently I'm one of the last survivors of a dying startup... empty office... my friends have been layed off... it's depressing. Anyway, here's a picture of my son Abraham who was born 4/14/2001:

Paul Kavanagh (I need to find his email; it's at home) - I worked with Paul at a previous start up; he's a great programmer, soccer player and an all-around fun guy. (Even though he's Irish - well, no one's perfect. ;-) ) I don't have a picture of Paul, so here's something I know he'd approve of: